If you can’t tell by the name, I’m a grumpy guy who would rather be in my shop making stuff and drinking beer than socializing with a bunch of jackasses. Of course if the education system hadn’t been ruined by a bunch of socialists you would know what curmudgeonly meant. Anyhow, bottom line is I like making stuff and for some reason, people like to buy it. Hey it keeps the beer fridge full.

This isn’t a full time business, I work a real job and just do this as a hobby, so if you happen to order something custom, don’t be surprised when it takes a while to get it. I’m a one man show and I don’t move that fast, you want speed go to your prime account. Most of the stuff that I have in stock can be shipped out via UPS (shipping varies e-mail or message me on Facebook for a quote) the same week. All the stuff on here is hand made one of a kind items. I can try and duplicate some things, but don’t be surprised when it’s not just exactly like the last one you ordered.

Anyway, if you have questions e-mail or send me a message on Facebook.

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