Portales Peanut Valley Festival

I survived my first craft show as the Curmudgeonly Craftsman! This weekend, I attended the Portales Peanut Valley Festival and took several of my wares to display and hopefully sale. I have to admit I was quite nervous as I hadn’t been to a big craft fair before.

While I didn’t sell as much as I would have liked, I had a great time and met lots of wonderful people. I received many good comments on my crafts and most people found the name of the business amusing. There was one guy who chided me for my slogan “turning old junk into new junk”. He advised me that it would be best to call it “upscaling” so that I could charge more. Luckily my wife, Aaron, was there to translate and let me know that he meant upcycling. I looked up the definition for upcycling, and you know what, it essentially means turning old junk into new junk!

I have to say I learned a lot with this first show. Some of the items that I thought would sell right away, didn’t sell at all and others that I though would sit on the shelf sold out. I’m looking forward to the next show in Tucumcari on November 9-10. Hopefully some of ya’ll will come out and buy more of this crap!

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